Tamara Coco is interviewing BBN’s new CDO regarding #rebrand2021

The creation process of the logo

Hello everyone,

You may have noticed BBN Holding got a new branding which we call #rebrand2021.

To find out why we did this change I'm going to interview our Chief Design Officer Lucas Jank.

T: Hello Lucas today we are going to discuss our rebranding which we call #rebrand2021. You had the idea to made that important step to change the companies history completely. Why did you think that was necessary?

L: Good Morning Tamara. You’re right earlier this year we changed the branding of BBN Holding. This includes the change of the companies name, which is now BBN Holding, and the change of the company’s logo which now represents the company much better, in my opinion.

T: The change of the company’s name was a very big step, why did you think a change was necessary?

L: The company’s name was outdated we are doing much more than what the old name represented and that's why a change was needed. Also, I didn’t like our old name because it was very long and hard to type.

T: I guess because of the name change the next step was to change the company’s logo as well?

L: Yes that’s correct. I didn’t think the old logo was still representing our company, especially after the name change. The new logo shows the company better and makes it possible to know what company stands behind the product when seeing our logo.

T: The old logo was showing a network, basically showing what we created. How could you think the logo isn’t still representing our company?

L: I think BBN Holding is not only a network by now but much more than a network. We now got BBN Music which is a subsidiary of BBN Holding, which along shows that we now are much more and much larger than before.

T: This is absolutely true, BBN Music shows just how big our company has become. What did you think when creating our new logo?

L: My plan was to show BBN Holding as what it is and also wanted to make it quick and simple to look at. Therefore I decided to make the BBN Holding a Text Logo. With the old logo, you couldn’t see that it's BBN Holding.

T: I guess you created more than one logo for the final product to be this good. How did you get to this final logo?

L: Yeah that's true. I made a lot of versions of the new logo trying to find the final one which also fits our company’s range of activities. I can show you some versions of the logo.

T: Sure that would be wonderful! Thank you for answering all my questions, Lucas! Would you like to say anything else regarding the companies rebranding?

L: No, except that I think it was a necessary step to make the company ready for the future and future projects. Thank you for letting me answer all your questions.

That was my interview with our Chief Design Officer, Lucas Jank. Again, thanks to him for making this big change and letting me interview him.

See you soon,

Tamara Coco,

Head of Sales and Marketing